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Commercial spaces are now considerably gaining high yields in short terms. So many investors are pouring investments on commercial properties in recent times. If you are looking to invest in commercial property like them it is advisable that to look at the below topics before investing in commercial properties.

Location plays a main factor in determining the appreciation value in future. So investors need to establish the soundness of the location and its demand/supply dynamics. If an investment is made without sufficient research there is a possibility of less return in future.

Type of the property:

Although several kinds of commercial properties in Bangalore that are available the in commercial properties retail and office spaces are still popular among today’s investors. Investors looking at retail spaces also have several options today through malls. But investing experts still consider that it is safe that buying in high street is safer than malls.

Ratio between investment and expected return:

One of the main things that go unnoticed during commercial investment is the investment to expected return ratio. Expected return in commercial investment includes the addition of appreciation profit and rental gain.
From the words of expert, any commercial property which doesn’t earn more than 12% is an over rated investment.

Background check:

Like any other property purchase, commercial purchase also needs some serious scrutiny before buying. Some of the things to be double-checked include,

  • Checking the developer credentials
  • Potential for infrastructure development
  • Access to public transport
  • Quality of property management in the project


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